Our Mission

The mission of the Galena Area Emergency Medical Technicians is to contribute to the quality of life within the Galena Area Emergency Medical Service District and to provide quality emergency medical services to all who reside and visit our area.

Our Vision

To provide the best possible medical services to the residents of the town and villages of Galena, Menominee, Scales Mound, the Galena Territory, and the surrounding rural areas and to provide medical and safety education to those communities. To foster interest in all matters pertaining to the volunteer service and to promote the welfare and social advances of all volunteer emergency medical services.

About Us

Located in the extreme northwest corner of Illinois, the Galena Area Emergency Medical Service District is a volunteer, BLS level service. The District serves 8 townships and three municipalities centered around the historic Galena, Illinois.

In 1977, the first EMT class was completed, by January 1978 the Galena EMS District was formed. The service provides treatment and emergency transport to Midwest Medical, Mercy-Dubuque Health Center, and Unity Point-Finley Hospital.

The home base is located on the campus of the Galena-Stauss Medical. Our original building, constructed in 1985, has been renovated to include meeting rooms, two sleeping areas, staff lounge, two offices, and three ambulance bays.

Our Members

Aishah Abdul-AzizGalena
William BinghamGalena
Larry BlankenbakerTerritory
George CalhounTerritory
Ken CalvertGalena
Ronald DataMenominee
Brian DiedrichScales Mound
Josh DiedrichScales Mound
Michelle FinleyGalena
Cynthia FoleyGalena
Ruth FoleyScales Mound
Christian GronewoldGalena
Devin HalsteadGalena
Dennis HarrisTerritory
Glenn HarrisGalena
Megan HarrisGalena
Kimberly HatfieldGalena
Colleen KeleherGalena
Brandon KeleherGalena
Terrence KiefferGalena
Michael MoserMenominee
Wayne MoyerGalena
Theodore NackGalena
Douglas RahdenTerritory
Micah RansomGalena
Dave TeplyMenominee
Lynn TeplyMenominee
Andrew TeplyMenominee
Matthew TeplyMenominee
Leslie VirtueGalena
Sandy WeberTerritory
Jeremy WernerMenominee
Galena Area EMT Executive Board
President: Ruth Foley
Vice President: Larry Blankenbaker
Secretary: Megan Harris
Treasurer: Colleen Keleher
Public Relations: TBD
Board Reps: Wayne Moyer & Les Virtue
Interim Coordinator: Michelle Finley
Asst. Coordinator: TBD
EMS District BoardRepresenting
President: David DiedrichScales Mound Township
Vice President: Linda WinterRawlins Township
Secretary: Nancy SchamperGuilford Township
Treasurer: Janet BussanEast Galena Township
Board Member: Jan SplinterVillage of Menominee
Board Member: Linda HeitkampMenominee Township
Board Member: Ruth FoleyVillage of Scales Mound
Board Member: Pam McIntyreCouncil Hill Township
Board Member: Susan StrandRice Township
Board Member: Randy BeadleCity of Galena
Board Member: Jack GehrtsVinegar Hill Township
Board Member: VacantWest Galena Township

We volunteer because someone’s life may depend on it.